The Mono Lisi is the newest concept of Montana Lisianthus.

A real Novelty! Mono is the word for one, Lisi comes from Lisianthus: just the flower (no branch and buds) The flower alone is an authentic piece of art. Beautiful and strong! The little stem is 10 centimeters. Very suitable for wedding, funeral work and lots of other possibilities. That’s why our flowers are also separately available now. Little paper bolls with water keep the flowers fresh during transport.

50 flowers in a lovely purple windowbox.

What Florists say:

  • ‘Vase-life is even longer!!’
  • ‘putting these flowers in oasis is very easy, very strong stems!’
  • ‘Transport is much cheaper when you know you only are using the flowers I don’t have to
  •  transport the whole branches’
  • ‘This works very fast, it gives me so much extra time to do other stuff when I don’t have to pick and cut the branches‘

What Event Florists say:

  • I make the vases ready and let someone put in the ‘Mono Lisi’, this way I have much less work arranging, this is very important at a big flower event!’


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